Monday, September 03, 2007

Hike, swim, shop (the new triathlon!)

Went on the long walk with a neighbor today and we decided to go exploring in the greenbelt in the neighborhood too. It's pretty neat -- very wild -- you'd never know that you're in the middle of a residential neighborhood. There's a ravine with a creek, but we couldn't quite get there because of the thick blackberries.

Cleaned up the clutter a bit (I get so behind with mail and stuff), and then went shopping for the printer and the memory card that I was so studiously researching yesterday. Then we went swimming! Something that I haven't done all year. I'm not really a swimmer at all, but we took swimming lessons last year and at least now I'm comfortable floating in the water. Mike's really gotten into it, swims almost everyday, even has fins!

Hardly even stepped into the studio today, I'm afraid.

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