Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No. 2 Experimental Gocco print, day 3

As I added the white layers over the magenta+yellow today, ideas started to gel about the print.

After Theresa brought up the horse project in reference to my horse print, I really wanted this print to be about another aspect of Portland that makes Portland really special. I went through several ideas but kept on coming back to books. And when I printed the white layers, it started to look very much like the core of a volcano (for sure I was influenced by the Oregonian article about St. Helens), and I started thinking about words that come flowing out of the core and down the sides.

Here's where the print is now, with 1 layer of white (the top one), and then a 2nd layer of white (bottom). To create the texture for the 2nd layer, I just used a spatula and lifted up some of the ink.

The white takes a LONG time to dry so I'm waiting until tomorrow to print the next layer. In the mean time, I'm working in illustrator to create the words that will come out of the core and flow down the sides.

And more research on web hosting, mailing list stuff today too. And for some reason, at 11pm, I'm feeling exhausted. I shouldn't be...oh, now I remember, I was up past 2am this morning and now it's catching up with me.

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