Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Memory project

I've talked about this project on and and off, but never really detailed it here. And well, I'm still not going to detail it today, because it's pretty late and I need to get to bed so I can get to a 10am class tomorrow (also related to the memory project). But soon I'll dig out my project summary and add it here.

Anyhow, today's activities were related to that. Went to Citizen's to pick up the old 120 and 127 film that I dropped off to be processed. These were shot in the late 60's and early 70's and never processed. I was hoping that there would be ghostly images on there that I can use for something...a 'something' that I hope to show at the Tennessee show next Jan. It looks like quite a few of the images were still clearly visible, but I'll have to scan them and see.

In the afternoon, there was the 'Getting Started' talk at the Alzheimer's Association. It's an introductory class for people who work with people with Alzheimer. I'm taking these classes to prepare for the memory project next year. It was very, very informative and everyone seemed excited about the project (the people in the class and the people teaching the class).

Dropped off my print for the Middle East Print Exchange at Print Arts; worked on the silk road flowers site; didn't get to play with my new camera. So sad, but it was a pretty full day as it was.

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