Monday, September 24, 2007

Constant Contact

After the fiasco after I sent out my last exhibit announcement, I started looking at Constant Contact much more seriously. Several other artists I know use it and are pretty happy with it. So I spent most of the day fooling around with it, creating and sending out a test announcement, and also trying to make some sense out of my existing mailing lists.

I'm not exactly the most organized person. For example, all those people who have come to my events and signed guests books and asked to be added to my mailing list? Well, I've never actually added any of them to my mailing list. The thought of trying to type those in from the guest books is just more than I can handle.

All those people who have taken my classes? Well, some of them were on my list and others weren't, and don't ask me how I decided whom to add and whom not to add. (Is that even a proper sentence?)

The attraction of Constant Contact is that I no longer have to deal with it! Everyone just takes care of themselves. But lets hope there isn't a stampede to unsubscribe.

So I had my secret telephone interview this morning. And now that it's happened, and I know more of what they're doing, I've calmed down quite a bit. It's still all very exciting, but I'm not hyperventilating any more.

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