Sunday, September 16, 2007

Harvest time

Even though I still have some problems to fix on the silk road flowers site, I decided to take the day off and catch up on some yard work. So this was a weedy patch that I cleaned up today. It's the new compost pile for the winter, and I'll probably move the raspberries here next year...although it might be too shady, I'm not sure. It's on a slope, thus the wall of concrete chunks. (I have piles of concrete chunks sitting around, ready at a moments notice for such yard projects.)

The corn stalks are starting to fall over, so I picked 3 ears today.

Unfortunately, they were a disappointment! Not very sweet at all, and quite starchy, I thought. Mike thought the weather this summer was not so great for corn, so not-fab was more or less what he was expecting.

But dinner tonight was the quite the home-grown affair -- corn, green beans, chili pepper, and basil from the garden; the garlic was from Eliza. Only the onion and the chicken were from the store. Next year, I think I'll plant pole beans rather than bush beans. The bugs were getting to most of my beans before I could get to them. Today was the first time I was able to pick enough beans for both of us. Usually, I could only pick enough for myself (which I'd eat for lunch).

Cleaned up the viburnum prunings from early summer. I'm just too cheap to pay the extra $1.50 for extra yard debris bags so I stockpile my yard debris. And now that it's September, I'm almost rid of all of the prunings from this year! And in another 2 months, I'll start to generate more prunings again.

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