Thursday, September 06, 2007

More fun with the coil binder

Wow, seems like the coil binder is really hitting a chord with everyone! Even Mike -- who's typically not impressed with anything too cutesy, or anything gocco'ed (yes, that's right!) -- thought the notebooks were pretty good. I tried to sell him one for $10, but I guess he didn't think they were $10-good; I gave it to him instead. What a tough customer. Carolyn came by and saw the binder, and exclaimed, "I want one!"

Instant gratification in bookmaking, or maybe just in office supplies, seems to be deeply satisfying for many people. I wonder if it's just from school days, or if it goes further back? Did our cavemen and cavewomen ancestors like office supplies? Are there evolutionary advantages to liking office supplies, and thus leaving many of us with that trait?

I finished my gocco sampler books today. There are 11 copies, and they're all slightly different, but each has 15 pages (plus gocco printed cover). Coil bound, of course:

Spent the rest of the day -- no, not wrestling with the printer -- researching merchant accounts (for taking credit cards). They make things pretty complicated alright.

Just realized this morning that I better start working on whatever it is that I'll be exhibiting in Tennessee next January with my critique group. Since I've been thinking about the memory loss project for next year, my mind is still on that track, and I remembered those rolls of undeveloped film my dad gave me. They were from the late 60's and early 70's. I did have 4 rolls processed already last year, and there's definitely something there, although I can't tell how much. I took the rest of them (10 more rolls) in to Citizens today. We'll see what's all on there. But I'm thinking of using whatever ghostly images that might remain for something. Either gocco printed onto gray organza or tulle, and making a 3D piece. Something like a large quilt, but with lots of folds, like the brain. OK, just my first thoughts. I'm sure whatever I do, it will be a lot different than what I just said.

(My spell checker just complained about 'cavewomen', but not 'cavemen'. In fact, it's "correction" for 'cavewomen' was 'cavemen'. Huh?)


Shumei said...

Well, you know, even when women were living in caves, we were "women." Whereas, men, a cruder version of human being, were "cavemen" and had to go through many years of evolution before they are qualify as men! Another million years more, they may evolve further and then, there'll be just women on this planet.

Michael5000 said...

1. Love the spiral-bound books!

2. How can Mr. fingers not love the gocco?!? That's just not right. He lives with the boffo gocco impressario!

3. Did someone say "quilt"?

4. Your spellchecker accepts "caveman" but not "cavewoman"? Why, that kind of sexism is downright.... Neanderthal!

fingerstothebone said...

Shu-mei -- very insightful observation!

Mr. 5000 -- no, it's just not right, but what can you do about it? Mr. Fingers is a lover of fine typography, a hunger that gocco can not satisfy (even I'll admit to that). Yes, we said you have something to suggest? And about caveman and cavewoman, see my sister's remark above!