Thursday, September 27, 2007

Falling behind on my print

I didn't print today! Which was not at all my intention.

The yard truly, really, desperately needed some attention, so I finally mowed the lawn (which is really more moss than lawn), cleaned up some of the weed patches, and chopped up more fallen branches from previous years. Then it was errands. Then a neighbor, her daughter, and the daughter's boyfriend came by for a studio visit. The daughter just read about the gocco classes at IPRC and was excited to learn from her mom and we were neighbors. After that, it was time to go into town to meet Mike for dinner and opera. (I do wish I had gotten a picture of the yard, it cleans up nice.)

So here's why you should not applaud after every aria, duet, chorus, whatever -- so Don Jose finishes his declaration of love to Carmen and sits down at her feet. The music quiets down and the moment is magic. You marvel at the power of such obsessive and all consuming love. Suddenly, the lout 3 seats down starts to clap like thunder & lightning and shouts 'bravo!', 'bravo!', and you're back in a theater with a couple of thousand people.

Now, that's just plain rude!

So tomorrow will be a busy day. If possible, I'd like to finish printing, which undoubtedly will be late at night by the time I finish. The reporter from the Tribune is coming over with a photographer in the afternoon, and I have to get ready to leave for a 4 day weekend.

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gl. said...

i was hoping i'd get to do the simultaneous gocco print, but it looks like it won't be this time around. maybe this should happen quarterly? (around solstices & equinoxes would be good ways to remember.)

good luck w/ the tribune!