Friday, September 21, 2007

What Portland Open Studios is really good for...

Portland Open Studios is always such a good incentive for doing a lot of things, like cleaning up the front entry way, and updating my own web site.

Hopefully, the web site is a little easier to read than before. Put up some new pictures on the home page, and also split up the exhibits, classes, and flash & swap into 3 different pages. Added the information for the gocco classes that I'll be teaching out of the studio (one holiday cards class, and one spiral-bound notebooks class!); I've been getting queries for more classes, and also the Portland Open Studios weekend is a good time to attract students.

The front deck/entry way was last cleaned, yup, last year around this time, right before the 2006 Portland Open Studios. Lots and lots of leaves, needles, and other stuff had collected since. I finally swept that all up...and cleaned up all the needles between the planks. I still need to scrub it down, as it's quite slippery when it rains.

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Michael5000 said...

The horsie print looks good on the web page!