Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Final project summary

So I've been talking about this 'memory project' for months now. It really has a name, Moment in Time, and here's the project summary which I turned in back in the middle of August for my grant application (it's exactly 1092 characters long, their maximum):

"I will create 6 artist books in collaboration with 6 people with early-stage progressive memory loss. Each book will be a work of art, a keepsake, and a recorded moment in time. Together, they will comprise a series that documents the urgency of communication and preservation of self in the face of increasing cognitive dysfunction, a testimonial to 6 lives lived on the precipice of identity loss. My collaborators will choose vignettes from their lives to record in text and image in screen prints. Using a silkscreen Gocco printer, calligraphy, photography, and other techniques, we will print and decide upon the sequence of prints in each book as a team of 2. Working alone, I will then complete the design of the 6 books, which will incorporate my own artwork based on my interactions with my partners. I will bind and edition each book in 20 copies, 7 of which will go to each collaborator. I will reserve the prints from 2 editions to incorporate into 2 custom-made folding screens that will both serve as a metaphor for memory loss and make the books accessible to larger audiences."

It's pretty terse, and I got a lot of help from a grant writer to get all the information in there in a clear and concise paragraph. I'm actually still waiting for a confirmation from Kathy for some dates, and I'll send that in as supplemental materials. Then I'm truly done. Well, actually, not quite -- I do need to be looking at other grant opportunities too.

But anyhow, went to another Alzheimer's talk today -- part of my preparations for this project. Then it's more work on the silk road flowers site. It's coming along, although there are things I'd do differently if it were my site, but it's not.

I'm also trying to instigate a gocco project on the gocco-printers group -- Everybody Gocco Prints! For the next 2 weeks, I'm hoping as many of the gocco-printers will make a print and upload their prints on the group's photo section. This all started when another member and I were printing and doing very similar things at almost the identical time. As it turns out, she had seen my blog and got inspired by what I was doing and started experimenting too, so maybe it wasn't so much of a coincidence, but I still thought it was pretty cool, and thought it'd be great if lots more people could be gocco printing at the same time in the next 2 weeks. Here's a link to what she was doing. To see what I was doing, start with the August archives and look for the entries labeled 'Experimental gocco print', days 1-5; then day 6 is in September.


Michael5000 said...

Wow, just the terse description gives me goosebumps...

fingerstothebone said...

In a most excellent way, I hope!