Monday, September 17, 2007

Tennessee show

The critique group met tonight to talk about what we're all showing at the Tennessee show next Feb. The other 5 have gone through some of this already during their last meeting, a meeting I missed because I tripped and fell flat on my face and was stiff, sore, and swollen. Not sure that we have a cohesive theme particularly, but that wasn't part of the agreement, so we're fine in that regard. I really liked a couple of the ideas people presented and they seemed to like my pillow books idea too. So, forging ahead.

Citizens was able to scan the 127 (or was it the 120?) film only, leaving me with the other 10 rolls to deal with. I originally thought I would scan them on the transparency flatbed scanner, which would be a painfully slow process; and in either case, the only mac that works with the scanner seems to be having loads of problems. So I put the negatives on the lightbox and used my new handy dandy Rebel to get the images to the computer that way. Not exactly high resolution, but that serves my purpose just fine.

Here are 2 shots from 1 roll (I'm not using these 2 images):

Here it is inverted back to the positive:

I'm so amazed that these look as good as they do. They've been sitting around in their cans for 30 years, under who knows what conditions, and just got processed last week.

I really like the negative image, but I'm not sure using them as negatives would be meaningful in any way. I'm going through the images on the 13 rolls of film and selecting 4 to gocco print onto tulle as pages of 4 books. The books will be stitched onto pillow cases (that I'll also make), so the pillows will form the substrates for the tulle books. Right now I'm thinking that I'll paint the pillow cases, although I may not have enough time. But, if I come up with some imagery that's just the perfect metaphor, I'd do it.

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gl. said...

i love the symbolism behind the negatives, which could embody negative or unhappy moments. we all certaintly have those.